Copyright Gretchen Little.  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Gretchen Little  All Rights Reserved

I watched the tornadoes that ravaged the south on April 27, 2011 in real time from the comfort of my chair here in Iowa.  (I posted more about that experience here.)  It’s heart wrenching to see the destruction afterwards.  The image for this piece of art has been haunting me until I sat down and did it.

Happy Birthday Jody!

All Rights Reserved  Gretchen Little 2011

Copyright Gretchen Little 2010

I helped with the decorating of my friends’ Christmas cookies.  They thought it was funny that I’d use so many silver dragees and figured people would break teeth on them.  I argued that they were both stylish and safe as the dragees would take up some of the moisture of the icing and become soft.  So I ended up with the cookies with the most dragees.  I think they are very pretty!  And I ate the little gingerbread man after taking the photo and the dragees basically melted in my mouth.  It was nice they gave me the cookies in a heart shaped tin so I could use the picture on the blog. ;)

Copyright Gretchen Little 2010

I had to have this cute little thing to put teabags in.  It was plain white porcelain when I started.  That’s the great thing about hearts.  It’s easy to make something up without drawing something first.

Copyright Gretchen Little 2010


More experiments in porcelain painting.  It works like watercolor only better in some ways.   You can work into the porcelain without it wearing down like paper.  This must be the benefit of Clayboard.  The tricky part is that the colors aren’t exactly the way they look after the piece is fired, but that’s some of the fun of it, too.  The outside of the bowl is a pale green to match the leaf.

Copyright Gretchen Little 2010


I’ve discovered the joys of ceramic painting.  This is the first of my hand painted hearts.


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