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heArt #64 Third Eye

This mystical heart art is designed to help the viewer increase their heart’s intuitive abilities. Painted digitally in Photoshop.


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heArt #63 Crane of Hearts

There is a Japanese legend that says if you fold 1000 origami cranes you will have good luck. I drew this while adding some “mojo” to bring good luck to the viewer in matters of the heart. Drawn in Photoshop.

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heart #62 Heart Compass

Drawn in Photoshop.

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heArt #61 Purple Passion

Painted in Photoshop using a graphic tablet. Prints available at my Imagekind gallery.

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heARt #60 Archangel Michael, Guardian of the Heart

Digitally painted in Photoshop. Prints available at Imagekind. The hearts are subtle, but they’re there.

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heArt #59 Honeycomb

Painted in Photoshop. Prints available for purchase at my gallery on Imagekind .

This is in response to recent news about what is causing the mass wipe out of honeybee colonies worldwide. I love honeybees and I hope someone figures out a solution before we lose them entirely. I’ve missed them in my yard, but even more important, we need them to pollinate our crops.

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Oshun Heart

My real life friend Denise Alvarado, or Voodoomama, (see her Mystic Voodoo website) was inspired by my heart art to do her own. It incorprates a voodoo love chant to the African love goddess, Oshun and a veve, or magical symbol line drawing. Oshun became Erzulie Freda, a Haitian voodoo “loa”, or spirit.

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