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heArt #77 Halloween Heart

Painted in Photoshop. All rights reserved.


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heArt #76 Ancient Heart

Digital collage done using Photoshop.

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heArt #75 Pop Hearts

Digitally painted in Photoshop.

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Heart #74  Sun Petal heart

Painted, digital collage using Photoshop.

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heArt #72 Erzulie Freda Portrait

Painted in Photoshop, then altered with the “neon glow” filter. Not my usual thing, but I kind of like how funky it turned out with that filter. This was done intuitively, so I had nothing in mind when I started. Just feels like Erzulie Freda to me now that it’s done. She’s a voodoo spirit, so she’s not meant to look exactly human.

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heArt #71 Heart Interlock

Digitally painted, then altered with filters in Photoshop.

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heArt #71 Heartitecture

Digital altered art. Painted in Photoshop, then color altered and filters applied.

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