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heArt #112 Graffiti Heart #2

I was thinking about graffiti as I digitally painted this heart art. True graffiti artists would say it’s nothing like graffiti in the end, but I still can see the influence.


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heArt #110 Glitter Heart Inchies

I’m getting ready to send five of these heart inchies off tomorrow for a swap. I showed one of them in an earlier entry before I glitzed them up. They look pretty cool in the bright sunlight we’re having today. I have to say, as much as I like inch-sized art to look at, it’s trickier to do than I anticipated. And as you can see, these are not that complicated. I’m looking more forward to what I can do with the photos and video I took of them than I did to the actual handmaking process. I have to get past this. Nobody wants to buy digital art. They just want to steal it.  (Postscript:  After I posted this I thought I was being a bit harsh with the line about stealing.  Nope.  Probably while I was writing it somebody lifted something from here and made a MySpace background from it, with no credit, no link back even.)

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Inchie Hearts by Phizzychick on Flickr Inchie Hearts by Phizzychick on Flickr

Inchie Hearts by Phizzychick

I found these awesome heart art inchies on Flickr. This is the kind of art I wish I could do. Mine always seems to somehow miss the mark. Her sense of color, shading and composition is just perfect to my eyes.

Here is Phizzychick’s Flickr bio:

“Artist living in Sevilla. I was an art teacher until May when we moved with my bloke’s job to Sevilla, Spain. I’m originally from NW England. I love rock/heavy metal music with a passion and any other music that makes me smile. I like nature, birds and insects particularly! I really like quirky little things!”

Click here to see her entire Flickr inchie gallery.

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Oshun and Erzulie Freda

From the Mystic Voodoo website: “Oshun is the Santeria goddess of love, art and dance. Erzulie Freda is the voodoo loa of romantic love.” (For more about Oshun, visit Voodoomama’s lens Oshun on Squidoo.) Oshun and Erzulie are closely related. I see Oshun as more earthy and natural, and Erzulie is more of a glamor girl.

I felt inspired to digitally paint a portrait of Oshun and then found that my friend Denise Alvarado, the “voodoomama”, had painted a portrait of her within days of my project.

I sketched Oshun out first, but then intuitively I felt Erzulie Freda needed to be added. I’ve been watching hours of America’s Next Top Model lately and have become impressed with Tyra Banks. She seems to embody both Erzulie’s – Freda and Dantor – and, though unconsciously at first, I could see as I worked that she was the model for my depiction of Erzulie.

If you look carefully in the background you can see Erzulie Freda’s veve.  And the hearts are there, sprinkled throughout.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. As usual. heArt #108 of 1001.

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I’ve caught the inchie bug! I was sucked into a 1 x 1 (or “inchie”) art swap group at the CoachCreativeSpace site after much kicking and screaming. I have become much too dependent on Photoshop!

This is one of my first inchies using Inktense colored pencils on canvasette. Check out the way the texture of the canvas shows up. I think it’s cool. Keep in mind this is 1 x 1 inch square in real life.

Pink and Green heArt
heArt #107 of 1001

As often happens, I became more interested in researching inchies than actually make one at first. So interested that I made a lens (webpage) about Inchies on Squidoo.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day I’ve doodled up some hearts for you all to use to make Valentine cards or collages or whatever you like. I’ve written up an easy technique that I use to make collages with drawings like this on my Image Transfer Squidoo lens.

I’ve hosted this image at Flickr so that you can choose different sizes to download. Click on the heart image below and once at Flickr you’ll see a small magnifier icon above the image that says “all sizes”. Click on that and you’ll see the different sizes. I’m asking for attribution but I know that sometimes that’s more trouble than it’s worth. If you use it for something you post on a blog, I’d really love a link back to this blog and I will, in turn, feature your work and blog in an entry here.

Lace Spiral Heart

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Nine Hearts of Love Valentine

Created in Photoshop.

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