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My Squidoodle Holding Oshun\'s Veve

My friend Voodoomama (and “Squid Giant”) challenged me to make a “squidoodle” for her new Voodoo Squidoodles lens and Voodoo-Doll-a-Day blog, inspired by my Doodle Art lens. Still with me? lol Sometimes Voodoomama’s and my creativity merges and runs amok for a while. Below is one of her squiddoodles. She informs me that a squid’s heart is white.

Voodoomama's Voodoo Squiddoodle


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Digitally created embroidered heart quilt block.

Entirely digital embroidered quilt block, painted/drawn in Photoshop using brushes by myself, BSilvia at graphics-illustrations and some others I’ve picked up along the way.

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Painted in Photoshop using some brushes from the plant set by bSilvia at graphics-illustrations as well as my own.

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heArt #135 twin Hearts

This is a doodle. I used Inktense watercolor pencils and some metallic paint (which you can’t see here), with a couple of rubber stamps in the background. Massage therapy school is taking up a lot of my time so I really am not having the time to do art like I used to. My intention was to do something more with this but I guess I’ll just post it up here anyway.

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