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I’ve been spending most of my creative efforts the last few months on my webpages, or lenses as they’re called, on the Squidoo website.   Once you have fifty lenses you can apply to be what’s called a Giant Squid which has a few perks although to be honest I’m not sure what they are.   At the very least it does seem to give a certain elevation in status within the Squidoo community.

Once I finished the lenses I learned that I had to apply with a lensography, or list of my lenses.  I decided I had to illustrate my lensography to make it a little more interesting.  This heart is the illustration for the section called “The Patio of Art and Miracles” which is a group of lenses about Mexican spiritual arts and culture such as The Day of the Dead and the practice of using milagros, or talismens, to petition saints for miracles.  Check out my lensography for more:  An Intuitive Lensography.

Drawn using Photoshop.


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