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This past weekend I put on my first chocolate tasting party.  I am trying out being a “Dove Chocolate Discoveries” chocolatier.   I made this for my hostess.

Copyright Gretchen Little

It only took about an hour to put together.  I started with a 2 x 2 inch canvas.  I drew the heart with Inktense pencils, then smeared the color with a watery brush.  The blue is acrylic craft paint.  The dots are metallic copper craft paint.

The hardest part was putting the ribbon on.  (The ribbon came from Dove Chocolate Discoveries.)  I used an artist’s quality glue to start with, but it just wasn’t sticking.  Then I got out a jar of Golden Acrylic Gloss Medium (after finding that the lid of the jar of matte medium is permanently affixed – damn!).  I smeared that on with a palette knife.  That seemed to work better although it still took a tremendous amount of time to dry.

Copyright Gretchen Little

I didn’t put any varnish on it, and there are a couple of messy shiny places where my medium coated fingers accidentally strayed to touch the front. I decided that added character. I don’t know how I would have varnished it for sure. Probably sprayed it with fixative (which would have darkened the pink ink – not good) and then sprayed some varnish on. I didn’t really want to darken the colors, though.


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