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Copyright Gretchen Little 2010


I’ve discovered the joys of ceramic painting.  This is the first of my hand painted hearts.


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Heart #168: Weed Heart

Copyright Gretchen Little and BSilva


Another heart made using Photoshop brushes from my friend BSilvia at graphics-illustrations.   I used them as an eraser to lift color out of rasterized shapes.

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heArt-a-Day Zazzle designDid the drawing in Photoshop.  I was in the mood for spirals and speckles.

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Fall Color Trees and Hearts

The fall colors are extraordinary around here this year. I can’t get enough of them. I wanted to do a piece using some of BSilvia’s brushes and fortunately I already had her collection of trees to work with. In the creating texture is her Hearts-Circles-Swirls collection. I got the brushes by joining the Green Bulb Gang on her website, Graphics Illustrationsand/or her Facebook page.

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Heart Star

Created in Photoshop.

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This one looks like a wedding invitation to me. Or is it just that I was tuning into someone who stopped by with a wedding announcement just as I was finishing up with it? I swear I was thinking wedding for at least 20 minutes before the knock on the door.

I seem to be stuck on this color palette. I did the background in Corel Painter Essentials 2, then did the rest in Photoshop CS2. I used some splatter and frames Photoshop brushes by BSilvia at graphics-illustrations. The fuzzy white brush and the sort of sequins/beads brush on the heart are my very own creations.

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Drawn from a photo I took of a rose at Weed Park in Muscatine, Iowa. After cutting out the rose image from the rest of the photo in Photoshop, I put the “cut paper” filter on it. Then I outlined it with a “pen” and added the background doodles.

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