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Copyright Gretchen Little.  All Rights Reserved.


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Copyright Gretchen Little  All Rights Reserved

I watched the tornadoes that ravaged the south on April 27, 2011 in real time from the comfort of my chair here in Iowa.  (I posted more about that experience here.)  It’s heart wrenching to see the destruction afterwards.  The image for this piece of art has been haunting me until I sat down and did it.

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Copyright Gretchen Little

Just a simple fun heart.

It also looks good on a black t-shirt for Halloween.

Ask me where you can get it.


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Heart #168: Weed Heart

Copyright Gretchen Little and BSilva


Another heart made using Photoshop brushes from my friend BSilvia at graphics-illustrations.   I used them as an eraser to lift color out of rasterized shapes.

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Blue and Orange Heart Book Cover

I was watching Project Runway last week and had to laugh when the judges completely dismissed orange and blue as a color combination.  I loved it, myself.  A discussion about that episode on an interior design website inspired today’s digital collage.  I think it would make a cool book cover, or perhaps a binder on Zazzle.

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Steampunk Heart WatchSpoonflower’s fabric design contest theme for next week is “Steampunk”, so this is my attempt at the genre with my own heart spin on it.  Drawn in Photoshop.

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For Imbolc - Candlemas

If I had a patron saint she would be St. Brigid.  Some day I’ll write a story about how I came to know her, and how she adopted me.  I never seem to get my act together in time to celebrate her day properly, but I’m getting this drawn and put up just in the nick of time.

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