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I helped with the decorating of my friends’ Christmas cookies.  They thought it was funny that I’d use so many silver dragees and figured people would break teeth on them.  I argued that they were both stylish and safe as the dragees would take up some of the moisture of the icing and become soft.  So I ended up with the cookies with the most dragees.  I think they are very pretty!  And I ate the little gingerbread man after taking the photo and the dragees basically melted in my mouth.  It was nice they gave me the cookies in a heart shaped tin so I could use the picture on the blog. 😉


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Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. I found a great resource for vintage images and clip art on Flickr. It’s a group called, appropriately enough, “Collage Images“. There are many great images available to download there (or upload your own to share).

Image below was done entirely in Photoshop. It’s my last Valentine’s “gift” to you all, so take it and use it. You can right click and “save image as”, or left click on the image and go to Flickr where you will have more image choices.

Vintage Children Valentine Collage

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heArt #14 Vintage Little Girl Valentine

This heart art was created digitally, the main image from a Dover Publication called “Holiday Vignettes“. I also used Photoshop Love Hearts Valentine’s brushes from BSilvia’s graphics-illustrations site, and Obsidian Dawn Texture brushes.

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A month or two before I even thought of the heArt-a-Day concept I was busy learning how to use Photoshop. It was a struggle at first, but my then partner in Second Life had built me a virtual art gallery there and I wanted to use Photoshop to fill it with art. Finally, a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day I invented a sort of “formula” for collages using my own flower photos as backgrounds and some free domain vintage couples images. It was like I’d found the key to Photoshop and after five or six of those Valentines I felt like I’d developed some competence.  Today’s art is a nod to those beginnings.

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heArt #97 Mystical Santa Claus

Digital collage using vintage images from the Jack and Cat Curio blog. This is a slight variation on my entry in the Creativity Challenge #4 for Jack and Cat. I used some Photoshop brushes from
Obsidian Dawn.

You may have noticed the mystical looking symbols. Those are norse runes representing strength and joy, basically. I love to think of Santa is an archetype for the ancient shamans who lived from the arctic circle area of Scandinavia to Russia and Siberia. The word “shaman” comes from the native tribal groups of Siberia who are still running herds of reindeer today, despite Russia’s methods of oil retrieval that has destroyed much of the tundra food supply for the reindeer. To me Santa Claus is a powerful archetype on many levels, representing the primal power of good Father Nature in his winter aspect.

A couple of books have been written about this idea. See the links below for more:

When Santa Was a Shaman

Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men

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Christmas Angel Collage

I created this collage in Photoshop with clipart from Jack and Cat Curio’s blog, as well as photoshop brushes from Obsidian Dawn (Snow & Snowflakes) and BSilvia at Graphics-Illustrations (Grunge Stars, Magic Circles, Grunge Snowflakes, and Beads).


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