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I’ve discovered the joys of ceramic painting.  This is the first of my hand painted hearts.


heArt #170: Chocolate Heart

This past weekend I put on my first chocolate tasting party.  I am trying out being a “Dove Chocolate Discoveries” chocolatier.   I made this for my hostess.

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It only took about an hour to put together.  I started with a 2 x 2 inch canvas.  I drew the heart with Inktense pencils, then smeared the color with a watery brush.  The blue is acrylic craft paint.  The dots are metallic copper craft paint.

The hardest part was putting the ribbon on.  (The ribbon came from Dove Chocolate Discoveries.)  I used an artist’s quality glue to start with, but it just wasn’t sticking.  Then I got out a jar of Golden Acrylic Gloss Medium (after finding that the lid of the jar of matte medium is permanently affixed – damn!).  I smeared that on with a palette knife.  That seemed to work better although it still took a tremendous amount of time to dry.

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I didn’t put any varnish on it, and there are a couple of messy shiny places where my medium coated fingers accidentally strayed to touch the front. I decided that added character. I don’t know how I would have varnished it for sure. Probably sprayed it with fixative (which would have darkened the pink ink – not good) and then sprayed some varnish on. I didn’t really want to darken the colors, though.

heArt #169: Orange Heart

Copyright Gretchen Little

Just a simple fun heart.

It also looks good on a black t-shirt for Halloween.

Ask me where you can get it.


Heart #168: Weed Heart

Copyright Gretchen Little and BSilva


Another heart made using Photoshop brushes from my friend BSilvia at graphics-illustrations.   I used them as an eraser to lift color out of rasterized shapes.

Blue and Orange Heart Book Cover

I was watching Project Runway last week and had to laugh when the judges completely dismissed orange and blue as a color combination.  I loved it, myself.  A discussion about that episode on an interior design website inspired today’s digital collage.  I think it would make a cool book cover, or perhaps a binder on Zazzle.

Heart Quilt Patch

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  I made this in Photoshop, including the fabric textures, as a mock up of a quilted wall hanging I wanted to make.  The way it ended up is very different except for the idea of using the hearts and the square of fabric I cut them out of.   Hopefully someday in the not too far distant future I’ll have it finished and be able to post a picture of it here.

Steampunk Heart WatchSpoonflower’s fabric design contest theme for next week is “Steampunk”, so this is my attempt at the genre with my own heart spin on it.  Drawn in Photoshop.