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I helped with the decorating of my friends’ Christmas cookies.  They thought it was funny that I’d use so many silver dragees and figured people would break teeth on them.  I argued that they were both stylish and safe as the dragees would take up some of the moisture of the icing and become soft.  So I ended up with the cookies with the most dragees.  I think they are very pretty!  And I ate the little gingerbread man after taking the photo and the dragees basically melted in my mouth.  It was nice they gave me the cookies in a heart shaped tin so I could use the picture on the blog. 😉

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Christmas Angel Collage

I created this collage in Photoshop with clipart from Jack and Cat Curio’s blog, as well as photoshop brushes from Obsidian Dawn (Snow & Snowflakes) and BSilvia at Graphics-Illustrations (Grunge Stars, Magic Circles, Grunge Snowflakes, and Beads).


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An ornament I made which is about 2 x 2 inches made from wood, paper, foil, and glitter, wrapped in colored copper wire.

heArt #93 Altered heArt Ornament

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heArt #92 Holly Collage

This is a digital collage, using images from the Jack & Cat Curio blog. “Jack” is sponsoring a weekly collage challenge and this was my entry. The holly photo is my own, from last winter when my mom’s row of holly trees were covered with frost. The heart is my digital creation, using “heArt Flower Pattern #1” for texture.

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heArt #76 Holiday Hearts

Painted in Photoshop using a Wacom Graphire4. Tis the Season. Ho ho ho.

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