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Snowflake heArts Doodle Pattern

Snowflake heArts Doodle Pattern

This started out as a page of snowflakes I doodled one Saturday morning I spent with some creative friends.  Originally I used ink and colored pencil but with the magic of  Photoshop I could cut out each individual snowflake and remix it.  I also made a Photoshop brush with one of the snowflakes that I used in the background.

Snowflakes are my favorite design element of winter.  I found some gorgeous snowflake cookies (with recipe) to add to my Sugar Cookie Recipes Squidoo lens.


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As I promised yesterday, here are four different backgrounds I made for you to download and use in your Valentine’s Day cards, scrapbooking, etc.. You could even use them for wrapping paper. I used Photoshop (as usual), this time using the shape tool and the standard shapes that come with PS.

If you think they look like a quilt patterns that’s not a coincidence. I’ve always had quilters in my family. My maternal grandmother hand pieced a beautiful red and white nine patch quilt (1 inch pieces) the year before she died. She was around ninety years old. I think I get my life long love of red and white from her.

You can right click on any of these and “save image as” (at least in Firefox), or you can click on the image and go to Flickr where you’ll have a larger size selection to chose from by clicking on the tiny “all images” icon above the image. The two backgrounds with the smaller overall pattern are just slightly different in color. One is more brown for those of you who are like me and think a little burnt sienna makes all art better. All images were uploaded as 3 x 3 inches at 300 dpi.

Just a reminder, these are for personal use only and if you use it anywhere on the web (like as a Myspace background), please give me credit and a link back to this page. You can alter it for collages or cards or whatever, though.

Valentine Heart Pattern #1 Valentine Heart Pattern #1A

Valentine Heart Pattern #1B Valentine Heart Pattern #1C copy

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“Painting” in Photoshop again and learning how to make patterns. Seems like there must be a better way than the way I ended up doing it, which was more labor intensive than it seemed necessary, even with the aid of the “offset” option. I’m not sure what I’ll do with these patterns I’m creating. Possible textures for Second Life? Digital Scrapbook “paper”?

heARt #44 “Heart Flower Pattern #1″

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Photoshop painting with graphic tablet. If I ever figure out how to get the same effect with paint, etc., I will make real life pieces. Digital painting rocks, though. No washing of brushes and any color I can imagine with a tap of my graphic pen. Erase what I don’t like, pile layer upon layer and experiment…I think I have finally found my medium.

heArt #43

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